mini gsm home alarm

mini gsm home alarm

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1..very suitable for small office and home appliance.
2. Alarm system uses a GSM communicator, so is no distance limits to receive alarms or dial out to control the alarm system.
4. Can store and dial 5 phone numbers (no longer than 16 character each one). If an alarm occurs, numbers will be dialed in order starting with last stored. You can set to dial monitoring center, police and owners.
5. Supports all kinds of wireless sensors, such as PIR detectors, door (gap) sensors, gas sensors, smoke sensors; panic buttons and infrared balusters are available. program the name of each wireless detector
6.Remote listen in
7.Under emergency situation EMSD key can silently inform any designated users.
8.You can setting the siren to be activated or not when alarm happen
9.with back-up battery, device can be still operating during power failure.
10. modify the name of each wireless detect message
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