Mini UV Disinfectant Box

Mini UV Disinfectant Box

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Product Name: Mini UV Disinfectant Box
Model No.: LW-2308B

Products Detail:
1.It can sterilize a pair of chopsticks and one spoon or a pair of chopsticks and one toothbrush.
2.The advantage of UV sterilization is widely used,which could kill some diseases and virus efficiently.
3.It could generate some ozone, which spreads into every place UV could affect. Ozone is used widely antiseptic. The ozone could oxygenate and decompose epiphyte, coliform,etc.
4.5-6 minutes to kill most of the germ and bacterial. Sterilizing will stop automatically after 5-6 minutes.
5.Small and light,convenient to bring.So it is a good companion for travelers.
6.Just two 2 AAA size batteries can last for more then 2 months.
Working Temperature: -10-50 centigrade
Ozone Concentration: >=0.01PPM,<=0.6PPM
Size: 21*5*2.4cm
UV Irradiation: >=250uw
Tube Life: >=8000 hours
Power: 2 AAA size batteries

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