Mobile Phone Charger Working With SMS Supplier

Mobile Phone Charger Working With SMS Supplier

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Chaliyuan public mobile phone charging station is a newly developed product for mobile phone service market. Having been awarded 13 patents in China, it has passed the inspection of Beijing Communication Product Supervision Institute and Beijing Disease Precaution & Control Center. It has also obtained CE certificate.
Main functions
1. Charge
Normal mobile phone can last above 8 hours after charging 10 minutes.
2. Disinfection and sterilizion
77.62% bacteria will be killed after disinfecting 5 minutes according to the examination, which is conducted by Beijing Disease Precaution & Control Center.
3. Momery elimination
Chaliyuan mobile phone charger can effectively eliminate battery's memory and retrieve long standby time.
4. Advertisement
There is an exquisite advertisement light case in front for advertisement. The voice prompt function allows itself to be a voice advertisement; With a brochure basket, it can help you handing out your brochures. The machine body itself is a 3D ad carrier, you can print beautiful ad pictures on it.
Main characteristics
1. It applies all kinds of mobile phones in the world.
2. It can limit currency,voltag,temperature and prevent short circuit.
3. It can return coins automatically and adjust charge mode.
4. It can serve many sets of mobile phones simultaneously.
Main purpose
1. Firstly, you can set up them in stations, ports, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, paper stalls, entertainment places and scenic spots, etc, to make money from porviding charge service for people.
2. Secondly, They can also be sold to banks,hotels,mobile phone manufacturers to promote their enterprise images, highlight service features and improve competitive power. You can earn margin profits from that.
3. Thirdly, They can be installed in public to advertise. You can get rich advertising fee.
As our agent, you will be free of the tiredness of purchase and delivery, the pressure of rent and salary, the worries of overstock. The happiness of collecting money will accompany you every day.
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