Mobilephone CDMA test sim card

Mobilephone CDMA test sim card

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The CDMA test sim card which apply to CDMA networks Definition: mobile-phone test card is a type of smart card belonging to SIM category. Test card initialization is same as SIM, but their personalization process are different each other.
Implication range: mobile test card is mainly used to mobile phone functional test. Making use of test card to do imitative test is the most important for producing mobile phone.
Classification: mobile-phone test card has two types of classification, one is category, and the other is capacity. The chip includes SIEMENS, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, etc. The work of test card initializations:
Test sim cards are used to test mobile phones functions before leaving factory, all the data in the card is visual and it couldn't connect to the local networks, but that created by testers. Our test sim cards include GSM, CDMA (UIM), WCDMA (USIM) and EVDO, which apply to GSM, CDMA (UIM), WCDMA (USIM), and CDMA2000 networks.

The CDMA test sim card is workable for any testing equiptment 

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