Modular Panel System

Modular Panel System

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TIMIK Modular Panel system is based on the concept of "Standard Module" for the construction of Electrical panel systems.

TIMIK modular concept is based on "220mm Module" and these modules can be extended into X, Y & Z or Width, Height & Depth directions in multiplication of standard module of 220mm. With this versatile modular concept, it is possible to construct Electrical panel systems of any design, any configuration, or any size, using the range of standard modular parts.

The versatility of the modular system makes it easier to design and faster to assemble, Electrical panel systems with endless possibilities.

TIMIK Modular Panel systems can be modified or extended, as per design changes during the panel assembly, during panel building or, even after commissioning; due to standard modular parts and its bolted construction.

TIMIK Modular Panels come with type tested busbar systems. Type tested busbars ensure reliable supply of power and safety of Buildings, Plant and Machinery and largely the safety of the people.
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