Molybdenum ore beneficiation production line

Molybdenum ore beneficiation production line

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Molybdenum ore is mainly combined with sulfur generated molybdenite.The other more common molybdenum mineral include the iron molybdenum ([Fe3 +(MoO4) 8.8 H2O]), the calcium molybdate mine (CaMoO4), wulfenite (PbMoO4) the plastic sulfur molybdenum mine (MoS2) blue molybdenummine (Mo3O8ยท nH2O).

Molybdenum ore crushing and grinding process
Molybdenum ore crushing generally use three sections of a closed circuit crushing final product size of 12 to 15 mm.Usually grinding procedure uses ball mill or rod mill - milling process.Coarse scavenger tailings are recycling associated mineral or discarded.Molybdenum rougher concentrate has two or three paragraphs, four or five times the selection of the final molybdenum concentrate.The molybdenite grinding process uses the company's unique multi-layer grading and wet grinding of dry gradually to reach the mineral monomer dissociation so that it can ensure high recovery of molybdenum concentrate.

The molybdenum flotation method and flotation agent
The molybdenum ore flotation Pharmacy is non-polar oil as collector, while adding a foaming agent.Flotation method adopts the integrated rapid flotation technology to obtain high mineral recovery rate and high quality concentrate.In order to ensure quality of molybdenum, molybdenum concentrate contained heavy metals such as copper, lead, iron, minerals and calcium oxide and carbonaceous minerals needed further separation.Meanwhile, most minerals need to be processed using chemical methods to obtain a grade of more than 50% of molybdenum, the leaching method is divided into an alkali leaching and the acid leaching process, needs to be based on the mineral composition of research and engineering design.

Depending on the nature of the ore,lime as adjusting agent and sodium silicate as gangue inhibitors,sometimes adding cyanide or sulfide inhibition of other heavy metals.In order to ensure quality of molybdenum,further separation of molybdenum concentrate contained heavy metals such as copper, lead, iron,minerals and calcium oxide and carbonaceous minerals:Generally use sodium sulfide or sodium hydrosulfide, cyanide or ferricyanide system to make copper and iron;With dichromate or Nokes suppress the lead.
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