Mosaic column emitter type drip irrigation pipe making machine

Mosaic column emitter type drip irrigation pipe making machine

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This machine is to product moasic column emitter type drip irrigation pipe.
Mosaic column emitter type drip irrigation pipe making machine characteristics

1. It adopts computer system control and touch screen operation, having the characteristics of stable production process, easy operation and high efficiency and energy saving.
2. Emitter feeding, choosing and ordering, transferring and inserting, pipe extruding, hole drilling and rolling can be finished synchronously, which has high automation degree.
3. The screw bolt of extruder and barrel are made of top-quality 38CrMoAIA steel, which surface hardness can resch HV850-1000, after processing by ionitriding. The screw bolt adopts optimal design with mixing head in same distance and different depth, the extruded materials are plasticized evenly and pipe surface is smooth.
4. The extruding mold and forming and cooling device are made from special material, having the characteristics of unique structure and stable fixed diameter.
5. The tractor adopts frequency-variable control and can fit for the speed demands of different technological skill. The surface of caterpillar band has rubber protective layer which prevents drip irrigation pipe from clamping and distorting by tractor effectively.
6. The hole driller adopts mechanical method drilling. It has the characteristics of high speed hole-drilling and stable operation.
7. The line adopts double-station rolling machine, wiring space, rolling tension and rolling length can be set to actual needs.

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