Mounted Chain Harrow

Mounted Chain Harrow

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Mounted chain harrows are ideal for numerous applications such as sports and recreational areas, paddock and pasture. Our mounted chain harrow is mainly designed for using behind compact tractors.

Mounted chain harrow advantages:
Gusset plates welded to the corners to add strength and rigidity to the frame.
Chains are welded around the frames to suit any type of harrow.
Available in various widths of 4' through to 20' with a depth of 7'6".Frames over 10' are equipped with folding wings for easy transportation.
Versatile purposes just through changing the harrow direction
High carbon steel allows for strongest wear resistance.
Compared with other grass harrows, mounted chain harrow has a big superiority that it can finish three different tasks. Versatile chain harrow does good job for all types of growth and many different soil and weather conditions.
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