mp3 mp4 player

mp3 mp4 player

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Creative Gadgets electronics gift form China New Mobile Phone Factory


Our company is from China. We produce and sell various popular or special design models.
Our products covers but not only the followings, if your company is interested in purchasing from China now or in soon future, please kindly give us a chance to cooperation:

Electronic Components:
Crystal Resonator, Oscillator, filter, SAW
LED Light Emitting Diode

Finished Products:
Animal Shape Plush Radio
Plush Dog Camera
1300k Pixel Webcam
Super Thin MP4
Leather USB Disk
No Nap Alert
USB Light
Wireless Video Doorbell
Credit Card Reminder
MP3 Player Watch
HDD PMP Player
Normal USB Disk
Famous Level MP3
Fingerprint USB Disk
USB Pen Driver
Car FM Transmitter
Digital Photo Frame
Mobile Phone MP3
USB TV Receiver
USB Bluetooth Dongle
Bluetooth Headset
SIM Card Backup
Alcohol Tester
MP3 Alarm Clock
Memory Card
Wireless Mouse
Metal Detector
Silicon Case
Solar Pest Killer
Distance Alarm
USB Skype Phone
Multifunctional Mouse Pad
Mini Computer Vacuum
Personal Safe Alarm
Color Changing Clock
New Shuffle MP3
Book Read Light
Clip-on Torch
Dynamo LED Flashlight
Flameless LED Candle
Flash Valve Sealing Cap
Invisible Pen
Magnet Insole
PC Case
Mini Optical Mouse
Pen Projector
USB Plasma Ball
Stress Ball
Flexible Silicon Keyboard
Night Scope
Recordable Rose
Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller
Disco Light
Magic Sweep
Dynamo LED Flashlight
Mini Rotating Hub
RF Laser Pointer
Double Earphone MP4

look forward to hearing from you soon.

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