Mulberry Berry Extract   4:1

Mulberry Berry Extract 4:1

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100% NuturalSpecification: 4:1 Latin Name: Fructus Mori Product Type: Tan Powder 
Nourishing blood, or dryness. For dizziness tinnitus, palpitation, insomnia, tianjin hurt liver, hot thirsty constipated hemopenia.
Scope of application:
Filling kidney, liver and blood or embellish aperient bowel. Also can accelerate skin regeneration, whiten spot, make the skin soft and elastic. 1 food industry for natural edible red pigment, applicable to slant acerbity food. 2 the cosmetics industry applies to such shampoo, rouge lipstick, color or color. 3 in the pharmaceutical industry, instead of chemical synthesis pigment production colored tablets.

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