Multi-specification trimming saw

Multi-specification trimming saw

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Multi specification trimming saw:
Mainly for natural wide wood edge trimming,sawing in specified size and etc
Capable to trim both sides and to saw into specified size.
Capable to saw timber of different specifications,featuring at high wood feeding speed and a high trimming precision.
Safe,high efficiency and stable in performance.
Processing specification:3cm-8cm(customizable)
Feeding speed:10m/min
Outer dimension:110cm*95cm*100cm
Processing thickness:0.5cm-2.5cm
Feed motor power:0.55kw
Spindle speed:3800turn
Saw blades specifications:160*2.0*40*32T
Saw pin length:30cm-100cm
Main motor power:4kw
Working table length:front stage:50cm;back stage:40cm
BKD # 619862

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