N40H Nickel Neodymium Magnet

N40H Nickel Neodymium Magnet

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Cylinder/Rod/Disc/Stick Ø15.0 x 100.0 mm N40H Nickel (Ni+Cu+Ni) Neodymium Magnet
1.Strong pulling force and good price
2. Working tepperature: 80-200 degree
3.Good coating and precise tolerance
4.High BHmax
Product Description
NdFeB, the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet,has the high remanence,high coercive force,high energy product and high cost ratio.It can be easily formed into various size and widely used in many fields.
1.Material of NdFeB magnet:
Magnet N-( N30-------N52), working temperature:80 degree Celsius.
Magnet M-(N33M-----N50M), working temperature:100 degree Celsius.
Magnet H-(N33H------N48H), working temperature:120 degree Celsius.
Magnet SH-(N30SH---N45SH), working temperature:150 degree Celsius.
Magnet UH-( N30UH--N40UH), working temperature:180 degree Celsius.
Magnet EH-(N28EH---,N38EH) working temperature:200 degree Celsius.
Magnet AH-(N28AH, N30AH, N33AH)working temperature:220 degree Celsius.
2.Surface Treatments: Zinc, Nickel, Nickel+Copper+Nickel, Epoxy, Gold, Silver, Passivation, any coating as you like.
3.Magnet shape: Block,Ring, Disc, Cylinder, Rod,Bar, Cube,Sphere,Strip etc.
4.Directions of Magnetization: Axial, thickness, radial, dameter,Multi-pole oriented
Our magnets can be widely used in all kinds of electromotors, separators, audio systems, wind turbine, sensors,medical equipment,toys,computers, elevators, cellphones, VCDs and maglev.
We are well equipped to manufacture these materials to customers' specifications.

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