Nano diamond polishing compound (slurry)

Nano diamond polishing compound (slurry)

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Advapowder Nano Technology Co., Ltd.
Continental Center, Pazhou, No.1066 Xingang Dong Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510000, China
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Advapowder specialize in the production of all sizes of nano and submicron diamond polishing compound (slurry) on the basis of special dispersal technology with high production efficiency and capability. 

The most important element is nano and submicron diamond powder which is produced on physical crushing and classifying process by Advapowder. 

It is suitable for high precision polishing of GMR/TMR magnetic read head of hard disk, wire-drawing die, CMOS Chip and Integrate Circuit etc.

Regular Sizes: M0-0.05, M0-0.10, M0-0.15, M0-0.20, M0-0.25, M0-0.50
Special Sizes: M0-0.06, M0-0.07, M0-0.08, M0-0.09, M0-0.125, M0.20-0.40, M0.40-0.60

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