Nano diamond powder

Nano diamond powder

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Advapowder specialize in the production of all sizes of nano and submicron diamond powder on physical crushing and classifying process with high production efficiency and capability. High intensity raw material of diamond powder conduces to high efficiency of grinding and polishing.

Regular Sizes: M0-0.05, M0-0.10, M0-0.15, M0-0.20, M0-0.25, M0-0.50
Special Sizes: M0-0.06, M0-0.07, M0-0.08, M0-0.09, M0-0.125, M0.20-0.40, M0.40-0.60

Product Features:

1)	Specific Intensity and Tenacity
2)	Precise Granularity and Low Impurity
3)	Specific Intensity and Tenacity
4)	Strong Polishing Ability and High Wearability
5)	Median Particle Size (D50) Accurately Controlled

Nano-diamond is widely used in various industries such as spaceflight, aeroplane manufacture, information industry, precision machinery, optical instrument, automobile manufacture, chemical plastics and lubricant etc. 

1)	It's the most ideal polish which can achieve the atomic polishing surface, specially used in the precision processing and the polishing of various hard materials, such as precision ceramics integrated circuit chip, jewelry, iron oxygen magnetic head, quartz plate, hard alloy and optical lens;
2)	It can be applied to the high-hardness and wearproof electroplate and non-electroplate;
3)	It can be applied to the high-hardness and wearproof metal aldehyde compound material;
4)	It can be applied to the lubricating system (such as the lubrication of gas cylinder) and super lubricant with low rubbing, low wear-out, high Load and long lifetime;
5)	It can be applied to the high wearproof and good lubricating PTFE aldehyde compound Material.
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