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Salt is essential for life -- you cannot live without it. However, most people simply don't realize that there are enormous differences between the standard, refined table and cooking salt most of you are accustomed to using and natural health-promoting salt.

These differences can have a major impact on your staying healthy.

If you want your body to function properly, you need holistic salt complete with all-natural elements. Today's common table salt has nothing in common with natural salt.

Your table salt is actually 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% chemicals such as moisture absorbents, and iodine. Dried at over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, the excessive heat alters the natural chemical structure of the salt.


The salt products are made exclusively from Himalayan salt which is an absolutely pure and valuable natural product. Traditionally, the salt is mined and selected by hand. Allow your body to luxuriate in this healthy natural product. 100% pure Himalayan salt with no additives.
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