Nd:YVO4 Crystal from China

Nd:YVO4 Crystal from China

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VY Optics Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.
No.128 Taibei Street, Kuancheng Aera,Changchun, Changchun, Jilin, 130052, China
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Nd:YVO4 crystal is one of the most excellent laser host materials, it is suitable for diode laser-pumped solid state laser. The crystal has these main features: low lasing threshold, high slope efficiency, large stimulated emission cross-section, high absorption over a wide pumping wavelength bandwidth, easy tuning for single mode and high tolerance for pumping wavelength. Recent developments have shown that Nd:YVO4 micro-lasers can produce powerful and stable IR and green or red laser with the design of Nd:YVO4+KTP.
Nd: doping 0.1%,0.2%,0.27%,0.5%,1%,2%,3%,5% 
Dimension tolerance:+/-0.1mm 
Flatness: /8l @633nm  
Surface quality: Scratch/Dig 10/5 
Parallelism:  better than 20 arc sec. 
Perpendicularity: better than 15 arc min 
Angle tolerance: < 0.5degree 
AR coating: AR:R<0.2%@1064nm, R<0.5@808nm
HR:R>99.8%@1064nm,R<5%@ 808nm 
Clear aperture: >90% central area 
Transmitting wavefront distortion: less than /8l @ 633nm 
Quality Warranty Period: one year under proper use

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