Nettle Root Extract 1% Silic Acid (HPLC),4:1

Nettle Root Extract 1% Silic Acid (HPLC),4:1

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1. Silic acid 1% HPLC 2. Yellowish brown powder 3. Timely delivery 4. Competitive price 5. Steadily supply with good quality 
Product Name: Nettle extract
Botanical source: Urtica Cannabina L.
Part Used: whole herb
Appearance: Yellowish brown fine power
Active Ingredients:  Silic acid
Specifications: Silic acid 1%, 4:1
Test Method: HPLC
CAS No.: 84012-40-8  
Usages & Applications: 
1. It has relieves sickness and stabilize scare,make the blood circulate well and stop pain,hold the digestion bowel movement and the disintoxicating effect. Fresh seeding result in spreads scratches. May treat the nettle rash. Pound the fresh grass then the juice can cure bite of viper.2. It belongs to material of sports nutrition, as well as good health care product ingredient.

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