Neurocare C EEG System

Neurocare C EEG System

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Neurocare-C EEG system integrated with function of real-time EEG signal collection in Wireless Bluetooth transmission. It support optional photic stimulator with event stimulation to evoke patient's epilepsy seizure, and it can work with optional infra-red video system to support night monitoring for patients in hospital. It's a completed EEG system for EEG data acquisition, record, replay and analyse.
1. Low-power consumption system which can support removable and dynamic recording with internal flash memory card. As long as 72 hours data can recorded inside it with 4AA battery and then upload to hospital computer for doctor's review, analysis and report.
2. Support real-time EEG data acquisition with wireless Bluetooth transmission, meantime, it can isolate 50Hz power line interference and guarantee perfect signal while makes patient move freely.
3. Single electrode with touch proof connector which can meet international standard.
4. LCD display to show one channel waveform, battery status, etc;
5. With event button on the amplifier, it can mark patient's epilepsy seizure accurately.
6.8/19 channels EEG plus 1 channels ECG, it can meet doctor's special requirement.
7. DC power supply for amplifier, no electric shock risks.
8. Compact design and easy to carry.
Input channels: 20 (19 Monopolar EEG and 1 Bipolar ECG)
Power supply: 4 6V AA battery or rechargeable battery
Internal Memory: Built-in flash memory card(2G); 70hours recording;
Connection to PC: Wireless bluetooth Bluetooth for real-time data transmission; USB(2.0) for data uploading from flash memory card to PC;
Operation Modes: Real-time; LTM(long term monitoring);
A/D conversion: 16 bit;
Sampling Rate: 128Hz, 256Hz, 512Hz
Input impedance: ≥ 10Mohm
CMRR: ≥ 100dB;
Noise: ≤ 0.5uVRMS;
Low-pass filter: 1 ~ 60Hz arbitrary
Amplitude-frequency characteristic: 0.5Hz~60H;
High-pass filter: 0.01s, 0.02s, 0.03s, 0.1s, 0.2s, 0.3s, 1s, 2s, 3s(16Hz, 8Hz, 5.3Hz, 1.6Hz, 0.8Hz, 0.5Hz, 0.2Hz, 0.1Hz, 0.16Hz)
Interface: USB2.0 (USB1.1), interface transfer rate: 480MB (/ 12MB) / s;
Dimension &weight: Amplifier: 130*89*40(mm); 250g;

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