new idea furniture for the jewelry

new idea furniture for the jewelry

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1.Finished jewelry tower display showcase and counter we provide for store or retail shop.

2.Clear tempered glass is used .so the effective display area is enlarged and the effect of jewelry display is more prominent.

3.It is made of MDF plywood and tempered glass, which make the showcase look very high.Meanwhile it makes the jewel in it stand out.

4.When we put through the electric, the LED light will turn on, and reflex on the jewel in it, making the jewel novel shinny and slinky, which is very attractive to the customers.

5.Its colour is glossy white, we can paint the wall of the shop white to match with it, giving the customer the tidy feeling.We are also feel comfortable in the shop.This incorporate design make the showcase look very beautiful.

6.Above all, our design is all free and just for your idea, this favour we do may be the only in all factory.

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