Next Generation REAL 3D HD Slim LED Projector

Next Generation REAL 3D HD Slim LED Projector

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Turn your 2D games/pictures to 3D right away
Next Generation REAL 3D HD Slim LED Projector
Powerful projector satisfies Game Players and Comfortable 3D video lovers.
World First and Smallest REAL 3D HD Pico LED projector.

Unique advantages:
A> Turn 2D games/pictures to 3D right away without extra device.
B> LED light source: more than 20,000 hours
1. NO future cost of lamp replacement and labor expense
2. NO trouble with sudden broken lamp
3. Low power consumption: only 30~80W not traditional 300W
a. Save electricity money
b. Low heat; Low noise
c. No waiting for Turn ON/OFF
C> Only 488 gram and A5 size of projector make it portable anywhere.
D> High resolution of REAL 1280X800, plus fine vivid fresh color
E> Our Optional Battery can sustain 2-hrs video play.
It fulfills real mobile cinema, gaming or business presentation.
F> User can save videos/phots/MP3 on micro SD card of USB flash drive and play directly.
G> Built-in 2W stereo speaker X2 are enough for 20-people gathering.

1.Power ON/OFF
2.Micro SD card slot (for Micro SD)
3.Focus Ring
4.IR sensor for Remote Controller
5.5.1 channel Audio output / Headphone
6.Audio/Video input (for DVD)
7.USB port (for USB Flash Drives)
8.VGA port (for Computer)
9.HDMI 1
10.HDMI 2 (same as the above)
11.DC Power input

Mainly End-User
1. High-Resolution Mobile Cinema Fans.
3. Professional projector and 3D HD resolution-concern users.
4. Professional users concern about life span of lamp and Power consumption.
5. 1000:1 Cinema lovers.
6. Play station (PS3) or Game players; Video players of iPhone or iPod
7. Mac, PC, Android and Mobile Phone users
8. Traveling Business Representatives.

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