Nickel ore beneficiation plant

Nickel ore beneficiation plant

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Nickel ore beneficiation is the use of hand-selected, selective crushing (screening), magnetic separation and flotation. Among them, for Copper sulfide nickel ore, flotation separation is the main method, usually assisted by gravity beneficiation and magnetic separation method.

Copper sulfide nickel ore beneficiation

The equipment generally used in flotation of copper sulfide ore is flotation separator, and it often adopts copper sulfide mineral collecting agent and foaming agent. To determine the flotation process, a basic rule is that rather make the copper into nickel concentrate, and as far as possible to avoid Nickel into copper concentrate.

Magnetic Separator for Nickel Ore

In the magnetic separation of nickel, cylindrical dry magnetic separator is generally used, whose magnetic field intensity is on average of 1500 to 3000 Gauss. Just when the nickel in the form of nickel pyrrhotite ore, it uses this selection process, and the major sulfide minerals are magnetic pyrite, the remaining ( pentlandite, chalcopyrite, etc.) closely formed with it.

Nickel ore gravity separation

Using gravity separation for sorting, is just as examination and complementary operations ( the shaking table is used to check the flotation tailings in order to fully recover sulfide, the chute is used for recycling fine sulfide and precious metal from flotation tailings, and the shaking table can also be used to select the concentrate ore in chute ).

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