Nickel ore production line

Nickel ore production line

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Nickel ore production line process can be different for different components of the ore, ore dressing and processing methods also different. Nickel ore is mainly divided into sub-sulfide copper-nickel ore and nickel oxide ore. Today, we discuss these two kinds of nickel ore beneficiation. Copper-nickel sulfide ore beneficiation methods most notably is flotation, and magnetic separation and re-election is usually secondary beneficiation methods. Flotation of copper-nickel sulfide ore, often adopts the  collector and frother used in flotation of sulfide copper minerals. A basic principle to determine the flotation processis is prefer the copper into the nickel concentrate as much as possible to avoid nickel to enter the copper concentrate. Because loss of copper concentrate in the nickel is large in smelting process, while the copper in the nickel concentrate can get a more complete recovery.

Nickel ore crushing equipment
Crushing equipment (crusher) is essential equipment in the nickel ore processing equipment, the main role of which is that mined particle size of relatively large original ore is crushed into the granularity that can be sent directly to  of the ball mill and other milling equipment. The broken equipment can be divided into coarse broken equipment and thin broken equipment, rough broken equipment used in the first session of the nickel ore processing equipment, primary crushing of the newly mined nickel ore. Commonly used coarse broken equipment is jaw crusher. The coarse broken nickel ore are transported into fine broken equipment ( the secondary crusher), after crushing, screening, can be fed into the milling equipment. Common fine crushing equipment are impact crusher and hammer crusher.

Nickel ore screening equipment
Screening equipment is mainly cooperated with crushing crusher, used to screen the material crushed by the stone crusher and other crushing equipment. The ore , whose granularity meet the requirements , is directly sent into the milling equipment, unqualified return back to crusher , continues to be broken. Common screening device is a vibrating screen.

Nickel ore milling equipment
Ball mill is the common used nickel ore milling equipment. Now the energy ball mill occupy the relatively large application. The main role is grinding the ore after broken by the crusher, untill the ore can enter the sorting equipment.
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