Notoginseng Root Extract 10:1,4:1

Notoginseng Root Extract 10:1,4:1

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Product Name: Sanchi Root Powder Botanical Name: Panax notoginseng Root 
Appearance: Brown yellow fine powderPart of used: Dry root and rhizomeActive ingredient: Radix notoginseng saponinsSpecification: Notoginsenoside 15%,30%,80%,95%Test Method: HPLC/UVFunction:1. Expand blood vessel,degrade blood pressureincerase blood flowprotect and cure heart brain tissue ischemiarmalhypoxia2. Promote synthetizing of protein RNA DNA,make humanbody healthy3. Promote blood cell metabolism,balance and accommodate blood cell4. Central nerve two-ways regulation, brain increasement, enhance study and remember ability5. Intensify organism immune function,anti-tumor,anti-aging6. Haemostasisactivating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis7. Liver protectionantiinflammatory 8. Blood sugar two-ways regulationdegrade blood fatcholestangioscler

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