nurse call system

nurse call system

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1.    The nurse call system we supplied is Prompt response, stable function, and low cost. 
2.    A master machine can drive 128 modules user machines at the most. 
3.    The LED can display five-digit numbers ( three for room number and two for bed number). 
4.    The calling numbers, including room numbers and bed numbers, can be designed according to your habit. 
5.    A master machine can be connected with several corridor display panels, which display the calling information simutaneously with the master machine. 
6.    The master machine and corridor display panels display the present time when there is no call being made. 
7.    Both pull and press is possible at the user machine. Alarming function through sound and light. 
8.    There are reset buttons both in the master machine and in the corridor. 
9.    Managed by computer. All calling information can be recorded for later referrence. 
10.  Several central station can be managed by one computer. 
11.  The system can be connected with wireless paging system and MS transceiver.
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