Oats Straw Extract,Avena Sativa

Oats Straw Extract,Avena Sativa

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Model No.: AVS
Product Name: Oats straw P.E.
Plant Origin: Avena sativa
AVS-Extract Ratio: 10:1

Oats that are found in herbal supplements are derived from the same plant as those served at the breakfast table. Herbal supplements typically contain the more bushy tops of the plant, either when they are still green, or if they are quickly dried just prior to flowering. The seeds, or fruits, of oats are contained in the green tops, and this is where any medicinal parts of the plant are derived. Traditionally, oats have been used to treat nervous exhaustion and insomnia, and a tincture made from the green tops of oats was used to help with tobacco withdrawal. Oats have been and continue to be used in baths to treat various skin conditions. More recently, oatmeal consumption has been advertised as helping people to control their high cholesterol levels.

1) Oats straw helps decrease blood cholesterol levels.
2) Oats straw soothes skin irritated by eczema, dryness, minor burns, or other conditions.

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