BACCI 5 Axis - Machining Wood Chairs

BACCI 5 Axis - Machining Wood Chairs

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BACCI has long provided its special abilities to furniture manufacturers and in particular the very unique solutions required for solid wood chair making. As parts become smaller, the quality of the end components is critical. The robust construction of BACCI machines make them highly suitable for chairs industry part manufacturing. Our engineers excel at finding the right automation solution to fit your needs.

Technical Specifications:
Interpolation axis:     5-axis
The axis travel
X-axis                  5400 mm
Y axis                  1800 mm
Z axis                  950 mm
A-axis                  No angle limited
C-axis                  +/-200°
Axis fastest movement speed:
X-axis                  100 m/min
Y and Z-axis            60 m/min
X,Y ,Z-axis travel and spindles can be customized according to customer's needs.
China:Shanghai Dingdi CNC Equipment Co., Ltd

BACCI 5 axis sets the standard in excellence with engineering expertise and flexible systems for material handling and automation that help you innovate - with the reliability of proven technology. BACCI's range of CNC machining centers provides flexible, full, 5 axis machining capabilities with its MASTER series of CNC machining centers, which are uniquely well adapted to wood chairs machining.
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