Barium Carbonate 99.2% to sell (CAS No.: 513-77-9)

Barium Carbonate 99.2% to sell (CAS No.: 513-77-9)

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Technical parameters: 
test according to standard of GB1614-89
Assay(BaCO3 ):99.2% min
Moisture: 0.30% max
Ignition residue of Hcl insoluble: 0.15% max
Total sulfur: 0.20% max
Ferrum: 0.004% max
Fineness: floury 125um test sieve residue: 0.20% max
Fineness: floury 850um test sieve residue: 1% max
Fineness: floury 150um test sieve residue: 75% max

Description: white powder
Molecular formula: BaCO3 
Molecular weight: 197.35
Use: It can be used in barium salt, optical glass, ceramics etc.
Packing: In woven bag with plastic lining, neutral packing.
Weight: net weight 25kg per bag
BKD # D795875
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