brightness tester

brightness tester

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brightness tester
The meter is used to test the whiteness. It also can test the paper's transparency, opacity, light scattering coefficient and light absorption coefficient, also can define printing ink absorption values of paper and cardboard. The meter can menstruate many times and gives series of arithmetic measuring result. The testing data will store while powering off for a long time.
Standard and Character
The meter is designed according to GB3978-83(standard lighting substance and lighting observing condition, modeling D65 lighting. It adopts d/o lighting observing geometry terms (ISO2469), ISO2470 (ISO brightness), ISO2471 (Opacity),etc. The diffuse diameter is 150mm. It uses light absorber to eliminate the influence caused by the specimen's mirror reflecting light. 
It is widely applied in papermaking, fabric, printing, plastic, ceramic and porcelain enamel, construction material, chemical industry, salt making and other testing department that need to test whiteness. 

Technical data:
1. Zero excursions: <=0.1
2. Result excursion: <=0.1
3. Result error: <=0.5
4. Repeating error: <=0.1
5. Mirror reflecting error: <=0.1
6. Dimension of specimen: the diameter of specimen over 30mm or 19mm, thickness below 40mm
7. Power: -220V±10%, 50Hz, 0.3A
8. Ambient condition: temperature 0~40centigrade, humidity below 85%
BKD # D821049
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