Five Axis Machining Center

Five Axis Machining Center

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Durability, Rigidity and Accuracy are the reasons for success of the BACCI five axis machining center. The BACCI five axis machining center runs high power at low RPM, however has the ability to finish cut at 12,000 RPM. While this can enhance your cost savings, it allows better positioning with a maximum of two total setups. From 3-axis to 5-axis machines, vertical machining centers to horizontal machining centers, and lathes to grinders - there are hundreds of different models and features out there, so which ones are right for you? BACCI can help.

Axis fastest movement speed:
X-axis                  100 m/min
Y and Z-axis            60 m/min
X,Y ,Z-axis travel and spindles can be customized according to customer's needs.
China:Shanghai Dingdi CNC Equipment Co., Ltd
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The Hi-Tech spindle, coupled with hand built precision makes for an accurate and robust unattended solution to low and medium volume complex work. Features can be added to parts and surfaces that could not be without five axis CNC machining equipment. While the tools offered by several different manufacturers may be adequate, the goal is to secure the highest quality tools for the lowest prices possible.
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