gloss meter

gloss meter

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gloss meter
The Gloss Meter is used for measuring the surface glossiness of coating, ink, plastic, pottery, stone, paper, metal etc. It is especially convenient for the field testing when there is no power.
Parameter reference: 
Angle	Standard reference	Range for applying
20°	DIN-67530 ISO-2813 ISO-8254 ASTM-D523 ASTM-2457	High gloss paint, ink, plastic, paper.
20°	ASTM-D1834 TAPPI-T653 	High gloss waxed paper and casting paper
45°	ISO-2767	The surface of aluminum alloy and aluminum oxide 
45°	ASTM-C346 ASTMD-2457	Pottery, enamel, plastic, china
45°	JIS-E8741	Pottery, enamel, plastic, china
60°	ISO-2813 ASTM-C584 ASTM-D523 KIN-67530 ASTM-D2457	Medium gloss paint, ink, plastic, pottery and stone.
75°	ISO8254 TAPPI-T480	CCL paper
85°	ISO-2813 DIN-67530 ASTM-D523	Low gloss paint, camouflage coating.
Technical data:
Value range: 0-199.9 (GS) unit for gloss.
Value error: ±1 (GS) .
Stability: <=0.5 (GS)/10 min.
Stable reading time :<=5 seconds.
Four No.5 nickel-hydrogen batteries inside.
Configured with small charger. 10 hours working time for 10 hours charging. Voltage 9V, electrode +.
Display: when the voltage down to 4V, the screen will display LOBAT on left-up side.
Dimension: 180mm×105mm×60mm.
BKD # D821058
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