Ground Cover Film

Ground Cover Film

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For your agricultural needs, you may source our co-extruded, UV-stabilized PE Ground Cover to increase photosynthesis and protect from soil-borne diseases

Request online quotation for Ground Cover Film via our E-catalogue.

Our Films:

Maximize light reflection with white or silver layer, promote growth, repel insects and keep the root zone cooler
Ensure weed control with opaque layer & suppress it with black layer
Have withstanding foot traffic with up to 3-layer co-extrusion 
Prohibit water & air penetration 
Are mostly suitable for hydroponic cultivation, low-light seasons & high-foliage crops
Keep for up to 12 months with UV-stabilization.

We also manufacture Greenhouse Plastic, Silage Film, Low Tunnel Film as well as other horticultural films.
BKD # D820340
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