Ground Cover Film

Ground Cover Film

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For your agricultural needs, you may source our co-extruded, UV-stabilized PE Ground Cover to increase photosynthesis and protect from soil-borne diseases

Request online quotation for Ground Cover Film via our E-catalogue.

Our Films:

Maximize light reflection with white or silver layer, promote growth, repel insects and keep the root zone cooler
Ensure weed control with opaque layer & suppress it with black layer
Have withstanding foot traffic with up to 3-layer co-extrusion 
Prohibit water & air penetration 
Are mostly suitable for hydroponic cultivation, low-light seasons & high-foliage crops
Keep for up to 12 months with UV-stabilization.

We also manufacture Greenhouse Plastic, Silage Film, Low Tunnel Film as well as other horticultural films.

Please note that you should contact the supplier directly about payment, packaging, shipping and delivery details.
BKD # D820340
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