Hall Current Sensor CSM050SY

Hall Current Sensor CSM050SY

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It is based on the principle of hall effect, it can be used for measuring direct current, alternator current, pulsed current and all sorts of irregular wave of currents in the electric isolation conditions 
  We are offering CSM005SY,CSM010SY,CSM015SY,CSM020SY,CSM025SY,CSM030SY,CSM050SY


 Rated input current:25A 
 Current measurement range :0~+-50A 
 Rated output voltage:4V 
Power supply:+-15V(5%)
 Linearity :<0.1%FS 
 Response time: <1us 
 Frequency band width(-3dB):DC~200 KHZ 
 Environment operation temperature :-25~+85 
Application scope:Switching power supply, electric welding machine power supply, the battery power, uninterrupted power supply, frequency control of motor speed, servo motor
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