haze meter

haze meter

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haze meter
The meter is applicable in all transparent and semitransparent parallel level material for testing transmittance and haze degree. It is designed according to GB2410-80, ASTMD1003-61 (1977), JISK7105 and so on. The meter is operated automatically by computer convenient to use and display and print the values of transmittance and haze degree. It confirms to ASTM D1003-61 (1997):"Standard Test Method for Haze and Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastics"and JISK7105.

Technical parameters:
1. Testing range: Transmittance: 0-100.0%
Haze degree: 0-30.00%
2. Accuracy: transmittance: 1%
haze degree: when H<=0.5%, 0.1%; when H>0.5%, 0.3%
3. Display average value of transmittance and haze degree automatically.
4. Take over by integral ball
5. Clamp-house
6. LED display
7. Minimum reading: transmittance degree: 0.1%; haze degree: 0.01%
8. BCD code SLIP output print interface
9. Automatic operation system, transmittance degree and haze degree can be switched automatically; calibrate automatically.
10. Warming time: 30 minutes
11. Sample size:
Solid standard sample: 50mm×50mm
Solid full-page proof: width: 380mm, thickness: 130mm
Flume size: 50mm×50mm×10mm
Film size: 50mm×50MM
BKD # D820936
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