Installation method of hog wire fence

Installation method of hog wire fence

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Hog wire fence make excellent protection for hogs and every other type of livestock. A hog wire fence is 16 feet long and 34 inches tall. Made from galvanized steel, they can stand up to the rooting strength of pigs. Because they are flexible, you can use them to make a fence in any size and shape you desire. Hog wire fences are easy to install and are durable enough to last for years.
First, use four ground stakes to mark out a 48-foot by 32-foot rectangle where you want your pen to be. Starting at a corner and going down the fence line, drive a stake into the ground every eight feet. This will mark the placement of your posts. Using the post driver, drive a steel post one foot into the ground at each of the ground stakes. Make sure the clip hooks on the post face out of the pen.
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