melt flow index tester

melt flow index tester

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melt flow index tester
The indexer is applied to measure the flow rate (including MFR and MVR)of every kind of high polymers. It measures the weight and volume of molten material which flows through standard die.  
It is not only applicable for the material such as polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS resin and POM resin with low molten temperature, but also for polycarbonate, poly-oxide, fluorine plastic, nylon with high molten temperature.   
It is widely used in plastic making, plastic products and oil chemistry as well as relative colleges, science research and inspection department.   
The equipment is designed according to GB/T3682 and ISO 1133 and so on.  

Technical parameters:  
1.   Temperature range: 0~400  centigrade
2.   Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5centigrade
3.   Temperature display resolution: 0.1centigrade 
4.   Diameter of barrel: diameter 9.55mm±0.025mm  
5.   Inside diameter of die: diameter 2.095mm±0.005mm, diameter 1.180mm±0.010mm   
6.   Power: AC220V 50HZ  
7.   Dimension: 250×400×500 (mm)
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