offer Chinese peanuts Crop 2005

offer Chinese peanuts Crop 2005

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shenzhou changshun agricultural and livestock product Co.,ltd
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Now Chinese peanuts 2005 Crop is harvested. First of all, i will give you a brief intruduction of our company. 
Our company is leading direct professional peanuts factory in China which is located in one of biggest and most famous peanuts Base Hebei Province.
About quality: The quality of our peanuts is very well, compared with peanuts Origin Shandong. Especially Aflatoxin of our peanuts is less than 4PPB.
It is up to EU Standard. Other specification such as Moisture, Admixture and Imperfect are up to International standard.
All of our staff are professional trained inculding workers, puchasing department, sales department and warehouse managing department. We have a series of 
advanced processing equipment and inspecting equipment. And sanitary conditions are highly highly appreicated by foreignal visitors. Additionally,we have accumulated more experience
on peanuts exporting. Tenet of our company is "Clients are uppermost, quality is the first" . We honestly look forward to cooperating with world wide business partners.
The specification of all peanuts is below:
1.peanut kernels:
  long type(virginia type): size 24/28, 28/32, 34/38, 38/42, 45/55 count per counce
  round type(spanish type): size 35/40, 40/50, 50/60, 60/70 count per ounce
2.peanuts in shell:
  size 7/9, 9/11, 11/13, 13/15, 15/17
3.blanched peanuts:
 long type(virginia type): size 25/29, 29/33, 35/39, 39/43
  round type(spanish type): size 36/41, 41/51, 51/61
If you are interested in what we offer, pls kindly contact me:
Mr.Huang lianshe

tel: 86-318-3569693 fax: 86-318-3560066
BKD # D284
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