Open Top Corrugated Trays for Fresh Produce

Open Top Corrugated Trays for Fresh Produce

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Tellet Al Assafir, INDEVCO Building, Ajaltoun, Keserwan, 11 2354, Lebanon
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For growers of fruit & vegetables, source Open Top Corrugated Trays for packing apples, grapes, pears, small melons, strawberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, avocadoes, lemons, oranges, citrus, cucumbers, tomatoes, courgettes, lettuce and other fruits and vegetables. 

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Our stackable corrugated trays:

Increase pre-cooling by 40%
Have interlocking system to allow a mix of CF1 & CF2 on one
Have different corner styles available
Are customized to your required dimensions
Are easy manual & automated forming  
Can be treated for increased moisture resistance

We also manufacture Bulk Bins, Open Top Corrugated Trays, Top & Bottom Boxes.
BKD # D820363
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