sell china handmade embroidery of the world famous painting

sell china handmade embroidery of the world famous painting

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The Most Precious Gift---Art Embroidery---World Famous Painting

Our art embroidery studio invites the top embroidery artists from all over the world to do the 100% handmade silk embroidery according to the world famous paintings. The Exploit Artist---use 34 kinds of skills deduction the unique art and skill marrow. Each one is a unique artwork with perfect handicraft and brilliant colors, and it needs thousands of hours to complete. Every one will be amazed at it after seeing it. So it is
the best choice for collection and presenting and it is always as the precious gift to the head of state and leader.
Please consult our webpage to see the pictures and explanlations: 

SZ Global Embroidery Studio
BKD # D135
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