single-use hand warmer

single-use hand warmer

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Disposable hand warmer with iron powder inside : it is disposable hand warmer which not be reused.The outside is  nonwoven fabric, and inside it is some iron powder,salt,activated carbon,water etc.It will warm up over 5-10minutes later after opening the outer polybag. This kind of hot packs can be put into your cloth pockets,gloves,shoes or on your part of body to warm fingers,hands ,feet or release pains..
- designed goods to use it in a glove or pocket 
- suitable for who take pleasure in sky or fishing 
- convenience to use by packed two to one 

- out pack over all size 130 x 90 
- weight : 60g/pc 
- maximum Temperature : 149 F(65 C) 
- Average Temperature : 122 F(50 C) 
- Heating Duration : up to 18hours
BKD # D83
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