sublimation transfer machine

sublimation transfer machine

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sublimation transfer machine, transfer machine,printing machine, clothing printing machine
Usage: Platen sublimation transfer machine can print on T shirt, clothing etc. 
It is good at printing on large size product, like 1 meter long signboard.

1)	Max print size: 46.4*14.2 inch (1180*360mm)
2)	Work table size: 47.2*14.7 inch (1200*375mm)
3)	Time control: 0-999seconds
4)	Temperature control: 0-399degree 
5)	Heat power: 3K W 
6)	Voltage: 380V
7)	Net weight: 330 Kg

1)	Automatically put and take off paper and clothing.
2)	With frequency converter transfer speed is fast.
3)	Oil heating plate takes advanced technology.
4)	Liquid cycle makes heat conducting and heat rising evenly.
5)	The time controller can adjust the time precisely.
6)	Constant temperature is well, no aberration when continuous printing;
7)	The electric temperature controller makes the inaccuracy of temperature within 1degree. 
8)	Heat speed is fast; it can reach 200degree in 40 minutes and got uniform temperature.
BKD # D795937
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