Timber, lumber for construction, building.

Timber, lumber for construction, building.

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Dales production
Paljassaare poik 13, Tallinn, Estonia
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Timber for construction.
BC quality, Nordic standards, 18%, KD HT-56/30.
Redwood 32/50 x 100/125/150 x 4000&6000
Whitewood 35/38/44/47/50/63 x 100/125/150 x 4000&6000
Larch,     25/32/50 x 125/150 x 4000
Origin: Siberia. 
Woodworking: drying, sorting, planning, treatment, packing in Estonia. 
Fumigation/Treatment is possible 
KD HT 56/30 to 8-10% is possible
Glued beams (~ 6 m), boards  - by order.
Timber without knots - by order.
Flooring. Terrace. Wall boards. 
Dales production. Mr. Anton Losman. Tallinn, Estonia, Paljassaare poik 13, 
F: 3726395518 E-mail: anton@dales.ee Site: www.hot.ee/puit2004
BKD # D200
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