UV Exposure unit

UV Exposure unit

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UV exposure machine, UV exposure unit, exposure unit, screen plate exposure unit                
Usage: Screen plate UV exposure machine is used to make screen plate. 
With vacuum inspiratory ultraviolet light exposure unit with multi function, it's good for screen plate, thick steel pad plate, thin steel pad plate, resin plate, copper plate, zinc plate and hot stamp plate. 
The working principle is to use metal halide UV light for automatic exposure, and transfer picture or text on film to all the above plates.

HC-ASE-3337   UV exposure unit
1)	Max exposure size: 33.5*37.4 inch (850*950mm)
2)	Worktable size: 35.4*39.3 inch (900*1000mm)
3)	Max size of screen frame: 31.5*35.4 inch (800*900mm)
4)	Light source: Ultra violet halogen lamp 
5)	Light source power density: 80W/cm
6)	Platform glass thickness: 10mm
7)	Vacuum degree: 0.05mpa
8)	Distance of UV lamp :750mm
9)	Air consumption:3.5L/circle
10)	Total power: 1KW
BKD # D795938
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