velvet wall coating supplier

velvet wall coating supplier

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Advantages of velvet wall coating


1.Velvet wall coating is natural and odorless material.


2.Velvet wall coating is ready to use,just add water.


3.Velvet wall coating is antistatic,does not attract DUST&DIRT.


4.Velvet wall coating is quick and easy to use.


5.Velvet wall coating is DIY PAINT.


6.Velvet wall coating hides uneven,old and faded walls.


7.Velvet wall coating is long lasting material.


8.Velvet wall coating allows partially repair.


9.Velvet wall coating is perfect for new building,NO CRACKS.


10.Velvet wall coating is additional insulation of heat,moisture and sound.


11.Velvet wall coating is permeable(allows walls to breathe).


12.Velvet wall coating is available in a large variety of natural and vibrant colors,shade and different textures.


13.Velvet wall coating with excellent quality and copmtitive price.


14.Velvet wall coating is chinese Silk plaster or Wallgrace or Belka.


Construction method 




1.pour the product from the bag into clean plastic utensils.


2. add a proper amount of warm water,common is 1 velvet:5 liters water.


3.mix with water and stir fully.


Please note


1.please use clean water in order to avoid the wallcoating being stained.


2.please wait at least one hour after mixing for better adhensive effect and easy application.


3.stirred fully for the second time before application to ensure a complete dissolving without lump.




1.The mixture with hand or plastic spatula to the wall, then spread it evenly with special roller(thickness is about 1-2 millimeter advisable).


2.The final rolling, the direction should be consistent, it will make wall coating looks more texture, smooth effect.


3.Accelerate circulation of indoor air which can effectively improve drying speed, Velvet will be totally dried after 24-48 hours.


4.About 5-6 square meter/kg.
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