We Can Supply You PG Red

We Can Supply You PG Red

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Bahavan Granites
1/1,First Floor,2nd Street,V.O.C Nagar, Chennai, Tamil nadu, 600102, India
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S.Raj Kumar
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We are One of the Leading Exporters and Quarry Owners & Processors of Indian Granites for the past 27Yrs.

Our Head Office is situated in Chennai (South India) and our Associative Offices are in Xiamen (China), Istanbul (Turkey) and Seattle (USA).

We can supply Indian Rough Granite Blocks such as KNM-BS , Humpi Grey , Ice Blue , M-1-H , MD-5 ( Fish Belly ) , Y-1 , Y-2 , C-1 , Black Galaxy , Indian Aurora , Yellow Fantasy , M-5 , Bahama Blue , Kalahalli Grey , Maple Red , PG Red , RKG , Karasanoor ( KAS ) Black etc.....