Oil Filter

Oil Filter

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Oil Filter
The oil filter pipe is appearanced of welded pipe. Seam is welded in straight line with unique spiral distribution formed by welding and greater filter strength. The center tube has high precision perforated tube with standard oil and glove tubes. The center tube reduces the opening area of the tube cross section and maintains the strength of the center tube to the maximum. The sand is blocked outside of the perforated screen while the oil, gas or water goes through the perforated opening then enters into the screen.

Materials: stainless steel, carbon steel (galvanized or painting), etc

1. Oil filter pipe and exterior protection cover are welded with the side ring to form a unit. The aperture of welding between the filter structure and the center tube are reduced to the minimum, hence greatly reduce the effect of the welding to the sand strength.
2. In the oil and gas wells production, using of it can effectively prevent the direct erosion and damage of the fluid to the grade sand control filter layer and it can extend the service life of screen.
3. Characterized with small external diameter and light weight, the oil filter pipe is easy to move in the long-distance horizontal level.

Oil filter pipe can be used for vertical wells, the inclined shaft, horizontal wells and various gas, oil and water wells. Can also be used individually as sand control tube.
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