oil level sight glass

oil level sight glass

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Have been developing and manufacturing gearboxes, speed reducer and Transmission equipment spare parts since 2004.most of our products exported USA, Germany, France, the technology are source from Germany.
Brass Vent plugs, vent screw
Release Pressure Range: 0.01 MPa to 0.02MPa.
Size:M10X1,M12X1.5,M14X1.5,M16X1.5,M18X1.5,M20X1.5,22X1.5,M24X1.5,M27X1.5,M32X2,M42X2, G 3/8,G 1/2,G 3/4,G 1
Hex or sockets oil drain plug, oil drain screw
Size:M10X1,M12X1.5,M14X1.5,M16X1.5,M20X1.5,M24X1.5,M27X1.5,M42X2,G3/8,G 1/2, G 3/4, G 1
Oil level sight glass or oil level indicator
M10X1,M12X1.5,M14X1.5,M16X1.5,M20X1.5,M24X1.5,M27X1.5,M42X2,G 3/8,G 1/2,G 3/4,G 1
More information :grandmfgcn at yahoo dot com
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