Olivetti PR2E optical fiber L100/80 473191L

Olivetti PR2E optical fiber L100/80 473191L

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Olivetti PR2E optical fiber L100/80 473191L 

Olivetti PR2E printer joint is original new and with good price. We have stocks for offering a fast delivery time. Besides the PR2E joint, we also sell other parts of Olivetti PR2E printer, such as below:

XYAA3406   console  
759410 R  hinge for pin  
473540 D  hinge  
752610 J  cover magnet  
XYAA3415  body assembly  
XYAA3411   upper cover
XYAA3400  base unit with slide-proof pad  
XYAA3407  rear protection                    
XYAA3409  front section assembly  
XYAA5795  220V power supply unit  
XYAA5796  115V power supply unit  
473034 R  sliding switch spring  
474400 B  print head flat cable  
751171 D  document feed belt(Z=210)  
XYAA9394  ribbon feed wheel ribbon feed wheel  
395055 Y  brush  
395060 H  carriage reset photo  
5373719 V  fuse(3.15A/250V)  
5373769 S  fuse(1.6A/250V)  
128589 Z  serial main board-bapr2e  
474547Z  serial main board-bapr2  
(*)B6862   prm45-centronics board
K5555  large font GBK-18030
BKD # 575277

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