Olivetti PR2E USB to Parallel line

Olivetti PR2E USB to Parallel line

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Olivetti PR2E USB to Parallel line 

Olivetti PR2E printer USB to Parallel port line is original new and with good price. We have stocks for offering a fast delivery time. Besides the PR2E  B6862 PRM45 centronics board, we also sell other parts of Olivetti PR2E printer, such as below:

472000 B print head guide pin plate 
472287 T print-pin 
472285 Z  print head insulating film 
152506 W print head line package 
XYAA1264  print head unit 
473018 Z left guide bush 
473020 X01  line spacing motor unit 
395116 S printer crossflight unit 
473050 D flap equalizing drive unit 
XYAB3454 horiz magnetic read device paper feed 
473018 Z left guide bush 
XYAA3017 left mylar flap 
473057 Y full bar 
473069 C  motor service unit 
473072 X service cam 
474954 Z support comb 
473077 U  comb 
XYAB2497  XYAB2014  front photo support 
XYAB0528  front flap cover passport 
473123 P carriage movement belt 
473129 V lifting handle 
473131 P  ribbon drive gear
BKD # 575286
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