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Onyx, an exotic natural stone, is all about luxury and glamor. This stone, which is both exquisite and exclusive, is also expensive. Related to marble, it took millions of years for onyx to be formed as stalagmite and stalactite. Onyx is a form of quartz found in different parts of the world. It is a semi precious, semi translucent natural stone; its very fine crystal formation is intertwined with different minerals which give each type and each piece of onyx its distinct color and unique character. For centuries, onyx has been used to decorate palaces and places of worship and to ward off evil spirits from the home and from the person when worn as jewelry. It is further believed that onyx provides comfort, relieves stress, and calms down both the heart and mind.

Our Onyx Crafts are carefully shaped to retain the unique, the geometrical onyx crafted shape lamps, pyramids, spheres, cubes , eggs, obelisks candle holder are equal in the shape and size.
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