ood pellet making machine

ood pellet making machine

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wood pellet making machine  
1)Wood pellet press machine is an high automation and high tech equipment,with utomatic grease -supply device,which can save a lot maintenance 24hs continuous continuous woking time.
2)Rice bran pellet machine has double layer stainless steel alloy mold ,which can make sure the mold has a long life time up to 1500t,one layer is worn out,turn over it and use the other layer . 
3)Pellet machine equipment dust collector ,make sure the dust during pellet forming can be removed. 
4)Screw conveyor up the forming chamber of pelletizer machine help to feed the material uniformly. 
5)Mold flat location and fixed there,gear rotate,forming pellet by pressure of gear and mold.
Raw materials : 
Wood sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips,straw, rice husk, coffee husk,palm fiber,animal maunre, etc. As wood pellet production line, raw material often need to be well prepared before pelletizing,first crushed ,second being dried,compressed, third formed pellet in pellet machine ,fouth being cooled by coller,then being packed by packing machine.

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